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iMusica provides digital distribution to mobile carriers and music services in Brasil, Latin America and worldwide. Learn about our services and iMusica´s distribution network.

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iMusica is the largest digital content aggregator in Latin America, providing local and international repertoire to a wide network of mobile & web music services in Brazil, Latin America and worldwide ( full track, true tones, ring back tones, videos and streaming subscription). We are a one-stop digital distribution service provider.

We have licensing agreements with major record companies, music aggregator and independent labels (local and international) as well as with major publishers and publishing associations accounting over 18 million tracks.

complete digital content management and distribution

With efficiency and transparency our team provides full service in digital content distribution according to your needs: importing, encoding, storage, copyright clearing and distribution on channels chosen by you, consolidation & payment reports, promotion & marketing with retailers and services. Using iMusica Information Center you have visibility on sales reports detailing where, when and how much of your content was distributed.

other services


Digital content distribution requires a variety of audio & video formats in order to achieve compatibility with all types of devices. iMusica offers encoding services, transcoding, encryption technology and protection of digital files for safe distribution in the internet and mobile partners.


iMusica has agreements and ongoing relationship with major publishers and publishing associations, offering a customized clearing service for record labels and digital distributors. With this agreements, iMusica has acquired an enriched database of local repertoire becoming the main copyright clearing source for digital distribution, special marketing projects and music branding solutions in the region.


With new Technologies and new business models in the digital world , rights distribution processes became fairly complex, requiring from content providers / distributors new tools and investments. iMusica offers an integrated rights distribution service to record labels, publishers, independent artists, adevrtising agencies, media companies and etc.

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