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We promote connections between artists and major brands translating concepts into music and creating value-added solutions in response to communication challenges such as brand positioning and selling products.

communication & marketing solutions for major brands through association with music

A multidisciplinary team combining passion for music, relevant information and brand management experience, focused on the understanding of brands universe
and its consumers, bands and its fans, establishing points of contact and creating musical experiences to brands. With more then 15 years dedicated to the Digital Music business, iMusica has built successful cases developing strategies and actions able to create great experiences around music for major brands in a large variety of segments.

imusica differentiation

To manage the digital rights of an important Latin American digital distribution network, Claromúsica, gives us a complete understanding on music consumption in Brasil with local segmentation, in the 16 countries of its territory, and to a close proximity with the whole digital music industry chain: record labels, independent artists, publishers, managers and other important agents involved with design & implementation of action taken.

  1. Ideas, technology solutions and content at the same place
  2. Presence in 16 countries enabling local and regional actions
  3. Licensing agreements with major labels and over 400 record labels
  4. Partnership with publishers and rights administration entities in Latin America

  5. Legal digital content

imusica cases

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Coca Cola Argentina

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Tic Tac

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